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People often ask, “What style of architecture do you practice?”

The answer is…
it’s not about style, it’s about the idea. An idea can be articulated in any number of ways - that’s where style comes in - but the idea’s the thing.

Our design philosophy is what we call “contextualism,” which we define as:

the idea that a project is influenced in large part by its context: the site and its surroundings; the architecture that exists there now (if any of it is to remain or is of significance); the people who will live there; and the resources available.

A successful building is one that recognizes and relates to its context.

With this in mind, these are the types of questions we ask ourselves when we begin a project:
How will one approach the site and the building?
What are the views?
Where does the light come from at different times of the day?
Who will be living here and how do they wish to experience this place?
Then we consider the spaces:
What will their uses and their relationships to each other be?
How can we enhance the relationship of interior space to exterior space?

Careful consideration of these concepts drives our creative process and enriches the final result. A window that catches the morning sun, the texture of a stone floor, the view of a garden from a busy spot; small ideas like these help create a rich sense of place. In the end, what we hope to achieve for you is that the whole that emerges is greater than the sum of its parts; not just a series of rooms - but a home that feeds your soul.


Kecia Gifford Lifton is a cum laude graduate of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, which was recently ranked number one on the East Coast among undergraduate architecture and design schools by the Design Futures Council (www.di.net). She studied under Dean Werner Seligmann and spent part of her schooling in Florence, Italy.

She was employed by noted architects Benjamin Thompson Associates for several years. BTA is the designer of many award winning projects, including Quincy Market and South Street Seaport in New York. While at BTA Kecia worked on large and small projects including the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois and a private residence in Dover, Massachusetts. She has worked as a Realtor, which gives her a more comprehensive understanding of the issues that influence residential design. She has also worked as a Construction Volunteer and Committee Member for the charitable organization Habitat for Humanity.

Kecia Gifford Lifton has been practicing architecture as a principal since 1992. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe's YOUR HOME Magazine, Design New England and Arts and Crafts Home Magazine. Named 2009 NAPEW "Woman of the Year" in Architecture and Construction. She is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and is a Registered Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

References available upon request.